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Is it too early to have a drink?

If you often find yourself unsure of whether now is an appropriate time to start downing a few alcoholic bevvies, print out this handy reference and keep it on hand.


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Why I think the Oscars are a load of crap

According to which films won Best Picture, and which films were nominated:

The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King is a better film than Lost in Translation

Gladiator is a better film than Traffic

Shakespeare in Love
is a better film than Elizabeth

Shakespeare in Love is a better film than Life Is Beautiful

Shakespeare in Love is a better film than Saving Private Ryan

Shakespeare in Love is a better film than The Thin Red Line

Titanic is a better film than L.A. Confidential

The English Patient
is a better film than Fargo

Forrest Gump
is a better film than Pulp Fiction

Dances with Wolves
is a better film than Goodfellas

That's only going back as far as 1990, and doesn't include the films that weren't even nominated (obviously the American establishment didn't go anywhere near Fight Club). Not to mention the travesties in the acting categories (I wish the name Helen Hunt was just rhyming slang).

And, looking at this year's most talked about nomination, don't get me wrong, I think that Heath Ledger's performance as The Joker was absolutely superb and deserving of recognition. But, does anyone really believe that he'd be the short-priced favourite for Best Supporting Actor for his performance as a comic book villain if he hadn't so tragically lost his life?

Saying that voting in the Academy Awards is "all political" is putting it mildly. Both self-congratulatory and deeply flawed, the Oscars measure neither a film's popularity, nor its artistic merit. Enjoy the party, Hollywood, but don't think it's any more than that.

Originally published at Prosthetic Cerebrum.


On Writing...

I recently had a very short work of fiction published at an external website. This minor bit of authorly success has made me reflect on how little time I spend on my writer's craft.

It's easy to blame "circumstances", as if they are something external to me, that I am completely unable to control. Truth be told, I waste a lot of time on very unimportant things and my writing is something that should, theoretically, be important to me. There are so many projects that I want to spend time on, from my upcoming

Originally published at Prosthetic Cerebrum.


Old Blog, New Blog

Anyone who cares can check out my new Wordpress blog at: http://yakboy.co.cc/

If you so desire, you can add it to the feed reader of your choice, and if that so happens to be LJ you can add yakboy_co_cc

I'm also going to get rid of my Twitter aggregation posts here, so I don't have an idle LJ just spamming you with that stuff and, besides, there are other ways of following my Tweets: http://twitter.com/yakboy

As I say, this LJ isn't being abandoned entirely, I still plan to post my poetry here, and perhaps anything else that doesn't fit into the new blog format (maybe the odd YouTube video or what-not).

See you on the flip-side!

My random thoughts of the day

  • 19:42 I just realised that I've had chicken & chips for dinner two nights in a row (last night was pint & parma). So much for the diet.
  • 19:51 Lou Reed > Iggy Pop - Discuss
  • 19:58 Lou Reed kinda looks like a chimpanzee - Discuss
  • 20:10 I know it's kind of redundant telling you all this, considering how many people got in there before me, but Iron Man rocked my socks
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