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20 December 2004 @ 09:44 am
NWS or NSFW?  
HAHA, sucka! This is how it works...now that you're "it," you think
of something stupid to make the title of this LJ cut and then whoever
is FOOLED INTO READING IT has to copy it and repost it to get someone
else 'it' this will be fun :]

Keep the list of subject titles going. Add yours to the bottom of the list:

1. just because I eat children, doesn't mean I don't love them
2. How to break your own legs
3. The boy who I want to be my personal booster seat
4. How to eat yer own face!!
5. Alec Baldwin owes money!
6. FREE BEER (I hate you grimmer... but even more I hate my curiousity for Alec Baldwin)
7. About last night (Pam, you know how to get my attention. Damn you!)
8. help please... I need bail money... (damm I'm a sucker)
9. Guess who's gonna step in dog poop???
10. Im getting married in January !!
11. Anal sex legalized in Bible Belt States
12. I'm going to have twins (damn my interest in buttholes)
13. I'm going to be in Playboy. HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!
14. So I finally got to meet winona ryder... well, I hope this works!
15. I Love Lucy 2 Electric Bobaloo filming in Feb...
16. Toothless Douchebags: Off the Be Eating Path!!!!!
17. I'd open my arteries for you and you don't care!!!
18. Last night I had sex with 2 midgets!
19. Puppies make terrible footballs
20. This is how I like it.
21. Instructions: How to touch your elbow to your nose. (Hey, believe it or not, I would fall for this)
22. Top Homosexual Occupation on Myspace:Timetraveler (It true ask Brandon)
23. Birth control without pills and it works
24. I made out with a hella hot girl last night! Details. . .
25. Attention long beach party sat nite 1030 E..
26. My first time.....
27. So I kissed a guy last night does that make me a ...
28. Drunken Naked Boobie pics...
29. I cant believe she can deep throat that!!!!
30. IM EnGaGeD!!!
31. "it's not gay unless you make eye contact" new study reveals
32. About The Hottest Threesome I ever had!
33. Naked pics of Mary-Kate and Ashley!
34. Masturbation techniques.
35. I'm giving everyone money and moving away.....
36. i never knew THAT could fit in an asshole...
37. My best girlfriend and I made out...check out our pics!!!
38. Johnny Depp arrested in public masturbation charges!
39. Pics of Eminem getting Fisted!! (muahahahaha)
40. my night with a set of roasery beads and anal ease
41. So Hermaphrodite sex is the best thing ever...
42. I used my mom's virbrator today
43. Micheal Jackson Found Guilty today!!!!!
44. The Story About How I Ended Up Snoring Coke with Donatella Versace
45. Outbreak of Crabs at the Arrow Bar...
46. Madonna DEAD
47. Collin Farrel admitted to be gay on NBC
48. Study suggests gay men love cock!
49. Real life Vampire caught!
50. First human cloned in space!
51. What's your REAL dick length?
52. when was the last time you clogged a toilet?
53. 52 other people can't be wrong....
54. Mark Hamil has cameo in next Star Wars!
55. crucifix shaped butt plug
56.Brtiney Spears died in a DUI car crash- check out CNN.com!!
57.I think i might have a third nipple...
58. im here for the gang bang....
59. I love Phelan Elementary School Kids
60. My curtains don't match the rug...check these pics for proof
61. I'm Getting Married... I can't believe this... (see pix)
63. Is testicular cancer bad?
64. New Nude Pics
65. MY FIRST 4SOME....
67. open bar party this weekend...free booze (damnit i thought i was ganna get to see something hott...oh well)
68. What my mother forgot to tell me about anal sex (shudder shudder)
70. I just found out I have colon cancer
71. cute pics of dead puppies
72. are you serious: shaving genitals can cause cancer (?)
73. What to do When Your Cucumber is Stuck
74. lots of new naked pictures
75. OMG! Ben Afleck caught with a man!
76. top 5 signs that YOU have chlamidyia.
78.LIVE penis puppet show
79. Myspace is being shut down!!!!!
80. a bulletin as memorable as Forrest Gump the movie.
81. they finally invented a male birth control pill
82. Musical theater people stole my innocence-among other
83. Condoms + Birth Control Pills APPARENTLY didn't work.... :(
84. Joss Whedon announces the return of his favorite show Angel
85. Dog travels across 10 states to find family...on CNN.com!
86. It Almost Touches the Floor!
88. The NEW species I found on my COCK+
90. Moving to Boston next week....I'm gunna miss you all!!!
91. I'm pregnant. shit.
92. Matt Skiba hospitalized after brush with aggressive fan.
93.my dad is having sexual reassignment surgery....
94. My friend cameron suck a weiner for his social d ticket...
95. i saw 3 french hens farting 60 eggs out...
97. So i guess im moving up north!! :(
98. Sorry ladies, im now a taken man!!!!
99. Ricky you can't get girls for shit.......but i love you man....I got cancer
100. Im cutting my hair :(
101.Come one come all to the....GROUP ORGY.....(details inside)
102. Olsen Twins in a porn, together!!!
103. i got lung cancer and im fucking dying!!! life sucks!!
104. omg, i think i'm pregnant **tear**
105. My adventures with a vibrator
106. She told me she was legal =\
107. I can't believe he's been fuckin my mom!!
108. I've decided to take off for a couple years
109. REAL unicorn found in the former Yugoslavia
110. This is why pandas don't wear belts
111. my shoes are cooler then your shoes and i have proof!
112. Man eatten by three-toed sloth while sipping on Bourbon
113. penis.
114. omg, i lit my pubes on fire!
115. Pot Finally Legel!
116. 10 thinsg YOU should KNOW about SEX
117. oh god, i have a yeast infection. what do i do?!
118. naked babies
119. scarlett johansen and a banana
120. myspace shutting down? (HAHAHA)
121. Chicken Feet attacked my Uncle...Con tijeras (miss scott got me)
122. R.I.P. John Kerry
123. The worlds largest...well, cum on, arent you interested?!
124. Hospitalization = not fun times
125. Who's going to be the First to read this?
126. U.S. Government Bans Christianity
127. Well....it seems as it I'm.....yep....preggers!! Holy shit!!!!
128. penis pumps do amazing, AMAZING things.....
130. so i got my face tattooed on my ass...
131. Could this be considered high maintenance?
132. Hey, thats not funny, my brother died like that!
133. Oh fuck! What the hell is this thing on my nipple?
134. My new modeling pics. Warning Adults Only!
135. So I'm getting breast implants in two weeks!!!
136. Naked pictures of me!!
137. Legalize the mary jane pleeease
138. Hot ladies with tattoos YUMMY
139. How i lost my toe
140. i burped out butterflies
141. pubic hair in advil
142. Should I get it pierced?
143. wanna see me n her fuck?
144. wanna see something get blowed up ?!
145. God Fucking Sick nasty inside out asshole!
146. near death experience.
147. My vasectomy
148. My First Lesbian Experience
149. I'm going to the hospital....(like anyone would careeeeeeee)
150. I Joined an Emo band called Waiting for Wednesday
152. drinking age lowered to 15 in new jersey
153. i need your help..i think i lost the baby..
154. =/ im moving to florida
156. i feel crappy but hey, accidents happen...
157. Britney's husband caught with kiddie porn
158. like my new butt tattoo?
159. JESUS~its my penis n ill wash it as fast as i want
160. Leaving Myspace
161. Tommy Lee Leaves Motley Crue!!!...hehehe sorry I had to do it.
162. Seriously I Had The Most Biggest Ass In Latina History.....But J-Lo needed more for her movie & singing career. :)~
163. Does this look normal? Size and shape wise i mean...?
164. Party @ my place.
165. Look at this Sucka...
166. Most regreful sexual experience....
167. Here's a pic of my tits, fake or real?
168. loan pimp= what is this lump on my nuts?
169.Priscilla-I'm finally leaving myspace.. GOODBYE everyone!! (hahaha awww someday I will and soon :P)
170 your mistress---my bf n i r breakin up ( sorry, this aint true! )
171.should i still use a condom if shes a corpse?
172. I get this burning sensation when I urinate... is that bad?
173. Testicles on I-95. Whose are these?
174. It looked yummy, so I ate it. I didn't know!
175. Well, what can I say?
176. In the wake of the Lord of the Rings movies, the Silmarillion is becoming a miniseries!
177. After I finished fixing my car, it was written off by a tow truck.
178. Meme: my top ten worst sexual experiences of the year...
179. So this is it, we're all going to die.
180. Guess the celebrity butt