Jacob (yak_boy) wrote,

Back to reality

So, we got home yesterday, and it's great to be back in Melbourne, where it's cold and rainy in the middle of Summer.

Dreamworld was a lot of fun, although queueing for almost an hour for some of the rides was less fun.
We avoided the really scary rides (i.e. the Tower of Terror and Giant Drop), but what we went on was thrilling enough.
We also saw an IMAX film about tigers in India, saw the Bengali tigers in real life, and I held a koala (which then crapped on me).

I have decided to re-do the mixed CD for Saturday's BBQ, because the CD that I created is too much of a "novelty" mix, with such songs as 'Waving My Dick in the Wind' and something by Will Shatner. I have decided that I'd rather make a CD that is more representative of my musical tastes, rather than trying to be a smart-arse.
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