Jacob (yak_boy) wrote,

It is not at all annoying when people don't use the "away" setting on Instant Messenging programs

I mean, seriously, you ask a question, you get no reply, they're fricken' away!
I mean, how fucking hard is it to work that out?
So, you're a little slow on the uptake and you waste ten minutes sending messages that say "Hello?" and "Helloooooooo?" and of course "Are you there?"
What's the answer to that fricken' question?
Well, duh, the answer is always "yes", even if the answer doesn't come for 24 hours or more.
Yes, I have an always on internet connection, so yes, I can leave my IM program in the "online" status for days on end, but if you spend that whole time "talking" without getting any reply, I'm supposed to think it's me that has the problem?

So, to sarcastically summarise: I'm soooo sorry that I wasted thirty seconds of your precious fricken' time while you asked a question to someone who wasn't actually there.

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