Jacob (yak_boy) wrote,

The Joy of Tech aka Apple propaganda

The latest "The Joy of Tech" webcomic, once more trots out some of the "obvious" advantages of a Mac over a Windows PC.

It's lampooning this rather simplistic article, that is giving the advice that most people are better off with a Windows PC, but will run into security (virus/spyware) problems.

So, that's the one thing they agree on, that Windows is more susceptible to viruses and spyware than Mac, but The Joy of Tech takes it to the extreme by twisting the original author's words to say that most people would be better off with a Windows PC if they don't have any problems with viruses/spyware, chuckle chuckle, the punchline being that this is impossible, therefore everybody is better off with a Mac.

This is where the arguments on both sides actually fall into a logic trap.
Now, I know that I might be pulled up by people who think the issue is really based on Microsoft's poor code, but I'm going to go ahead and make this statement anyway:

Both system's problems are actually caused by their relative popularity, not because each system is inherently less secure/less able to be supported by certain software.

Windows is a security risk for the very reason that it is popular.
Likewise Outlook Express and other MIcrosoft applications.
Because most people use Windows, Internet Explorer, Outlook Express, Word, etc they become the targets of hackers and the creators of viruses and spyware.

Apple computers have fewer software options available (at least for the everyday user, so notwithstanding software for particular industries that favour Macs) for the very reason that they are unpopular.
Fewer people use Macs, so fewer units would be sold for that platform, so far fewer software developers bother to develop software for the Mac.

Therefore, if the public suddenly took notice of these people that sing the praises of Macs like it's some kind of religious faith, and Windows users trashed their PCs in favour of Macs, the problems of the two platforms would soon after reverse.
If most people used Macs, then the efforts of hackers and virus/spyware authors would turn to Macs, which would suddenly be fraught with "security issues".
If a minority of users were left using Windows PCs, then software manufacturers would abandon this platform in droves in favour of the newly popular Mac.

Anyway, one way or the other, it's a moot point.
Security issues can be managed, both by Microsoft and through third-party virus/spyware protection programs.
The lack of software options on a Mac is a much harder issue to work around.
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