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Weevil Infestation!

I keep telling myself, "They're just caterpillars, they're just caterpillars".
But they look like maggots!
And they're crawling all over the frickin' ceiling!

Emily found the source of the infestation, an old bag of rolled oats (for Anzac bickies, I assume), and of course I disposed of it.
It was literally crawling with weevils, with a fair number of dead and dessicated ones as well.

Okay, to be fair, I'm not that squemish, and have spent the last couple of days squishing with my bare hands the occasional one I've spotted crawling on the wall.
However, this morning, something possessed me to look up at the ceiling, and they were fucking everywhere!
Starting from the cupboard of the tainted oats, they had crawled up to the ceiling and spread out in all directions.
There was nothing else for me to do but grab the vacuum cleaner.

I wonder if they died from the suction/heat/blunt force trauma, or if there is a writhing mass of larvae still in the bag.
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