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Damn football.
Why do I care so much about sport?
Especially AFL, that testosterone laden orgy of violence.
But, still, it's a skillful game and I could easily discuss it's merits over other sports, other football codes.
Anyway, at least Essendon is in the finals.
I can't imagine them not making the finals, I don't think they've ever missed the finals during my lifetime.
But why do I care about this?
It defies logic.
Why was it so brain-numbingly depressing watching a bunch of guys I don't know lose a ball game to another bunch of guys I don't know?
I was born in Essendon, but I feel no particular patriotism to the suburb itself, nor any particluar malice to the suburb of Collingwood.
In fact I abhor the concept of patriotism, in all things it seems except sport.
I chew my fingernails to stubs watching the Davis Cup tennis, for instance.
But I firmly believe that the concepts of nations and nationality are outmoded and dangerous...
What is the allure of sport?
I fear, as it seems does my brother lukeii, a metamorphosis into a yobbo.
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