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31 August 2003 @ 01:24 pm
This is the Primary School I attended:

Not a bad school, but whoever thought loading pre-teens up with religious dogma was a good idea was not so much interested in education as brainwashing.
Of course I've had a good rinse since then, and whilst still considering myself Christian I am vehemently NOT Catholic.

Surprised the old adventure playground hasn't fallen over.

From the vision statement:
"St. John Bosco's, as a Catholic School, is a place of learning, which is committed to the fostering and developing of children's faith in Christ and His Church.We endeavour to do this by providing and maintaining a Christ centred curriculum, the example of the staff, and the importance of the welfare of the individual within the school community."

Christ centred curriculum?

Wouldn't you rather your 5-12 year olds were taught reading, writing and arithmetic?

And I call myself a Christian!
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