Jacob (yak_boy) wrote,

Split test cricket into two divisions?

"Shane Warne has called on cricket authorities to split the test nations into two divisions to rid the game of cheap wickets and cheap runs."

And what exactly would this division be?

Division one: Australia, India
Division two: everyone else

But, seriously, this is such an amazingly short-sighted idea, that simply wouldn't work for cricket.
Why not?
Because, as invincible as we think the Aussies are, in a few short years we're going to start losing a lot of our key players to retirement.
We could find ourselves being in the uncomfortable position of being in the top of the competition but being low on form.

Okay, maybe that's not likely to be the case, but it could happen to any country, and indeed it could happen the other way around.

And test cricket simply doesn't have enough turnover to quickly relegate and promote teams on a season-by-season basis.
It's not like football (in its various codes) where a single year will see each team play each other team at least once, possibly many times.
Each year of test cricket will see each team play only some of the world's test-playing nations.

So how can a premier league style relegation system possibly work?

And would it even benefit teams in the long run?
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