Jacob (yak_boy) wrote,

Babelsong meme from melbournian

Take the lyrics of a well known song. Enter into babelfish. Translate from English to German to French to English. Post results.

An injury which has surely all those, gives it is a gold sparkles
and it buys a staircase with the sky.
For if it there it receives, knows, if all the memories with one are closed
the word which can receive it that it came.
Of Ooh, ooh and they buy a staircase with the sky.

There is a sign on the wall, but it would like to be sure,
' the cause which you know that sometimes, of the words two importances have.
In a tree by all sometimes the brook, a bird of song which sings,
of our thoughts misgiven has there.
It forms of Ooh, me miracle, of
Ooh, forms to me miracle to him.

There is a feeling which I receive, if I look in the west,
and my spirit to walk for the abandonment.
In my thoughts, I saw the rings of smoke by the trees
and the voices of those which are looking at.
It forms of Ooh, me miracle, of
Ooh, forms to really me miracle to him.

And that murmured to him soon, if we lead all the call
then the melody Pfeifer to conclude us.
And a new day is born for those which are a long time
and the forests echo with the laughter.

If it is not Geschaeftigkeit precipitated in their hedgerow, alarm now has,
these are to you there precisely a spring which is clean for May the queen.
There are two manners, to pass to you can, but in the long run
the calm time ago which is put in circuit at road to modify you.
It forms and me miracle.

Your head whirrs and it does not suit you, if you do not know,
Pfeifers who calls you, to connect it,
dear injury, can the wind intend to roast and knew you
your lies of staircase on the murmuring wind.

And as we roll up our shades on to the bottom
the road which are higher than our heart.
There, an injury us that all know,
with which white light shines and to show
would like goes, as all still turns to gold.
And if you very strongly hear,
the melody comes finally to you.
If all are, all is one and
to be a rock and not to roll.

And it buys a staircase with the sky.

I'm most intrigued as to how the word "lady" became "injury".
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