Jacob (yak_boy) wrote,

Batman Begins

When I first saw the preview for Batman Begins, I thought it looked awesome.

Turns out I was wrong.

It was fucking awesome!

Aside from the amazing action, the detailed storyline, the breath-taking cinematography and the wry humour (as opposed to the cheap puns of the previous Batman films), one of the most refreshing things was that the romance, whilst central to the film, wasn't overdone. Why the love-interest is so often the absolute central most important part of a superhero film I'm not sure (see Superman and Spider-man), but this film got the balance just right. And without the goddamn saccharin sweetness.

Christian Bale's performance was absolutely spot-on. He did a wonderful job of portraying Batman and Bruce Wayne as two separate, but linked personas.

Anyway, if you haven't already, go and see it.
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