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28 June 2005 @ 06:34 pm
Credit where credit's due  
Maybe I'm overreacting a little, but I find it fucking offensive that an Amazon search for a movie title generates responses that look like this:

"What's wrong with that?", I hear you ask.

Leaving aside Bound, why the fuck does primary credit for those four brilliant Coen Brothers films get given to the fucking actors?

Now, as a writer, I'm not overly fond of giving primary credit on a film to the director, but the fucking actors?
Besides, the Coen brothers wrote and directed those films.

But, jey, I guess it's the actors that actually sell the movies.

Anyway, I was trying to work out why the hell Bound appeared in my search for Blood Simple, until I realised it was directed by the Wachowski brothers.

Amazon is dumb.
Mr Sinisterglintsinisterglint on June 30th, 2005 03:43 am (UTC)
In moderately unrelated news: Jennifer Tilly won the Ladies no-limit Texas Hold 'Em event at the World Series of Poker.

And yes, I'll refrain from making some crass comment about how I'd like to poke 'er, or that she can flop my nuts anytime, or that I'd like to have prison sex with her, or that I'd go all in, or...