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I've jumped on bit of a bandwagon, I suppose.

I've recently finished watching season one of Press Gang.
Emily bought it out of the same nostalgia as the rest of you, however I just barely remember it as one of those shows that was on in the afternoon, that I maybe watched once-or-twice but never got into (although I did remember the talking over the end credits thing).

Anyway, long story short, despite my lack of nostalgia, the show is genuinely good (no great surprise really, considering the greatness that is Coupling).
I can't wait to see the rest of it.

I was a little confused about Julia Sawalha's age in Press Gang relative to her age in Pride and Prejudice, which I was sure was made in the nineties.
So I looked it up, and what do you know, she played a 16 year old in 1989 when she was actually 21, and she played a 15 year old 1995 when she was actually 27.
She was scarily convincing as a 15 year old.

Another fun bit of trivia is that the character Spike in Press Gang is an American played by an Englishman, and the character Spike in Buffy the Vampire Slayer is an Englishman played by an American.

Actually, I suppose Spike in Buffy isn't really an Englishman as such.

I also bought a TV series box-set without having seen a single episode, based purely on the recommendation of my brother, lukeii.
Not that great a risk, since my brother and I have pretty similar tastes, a fact reinforced by the awesomeness that is Deadwood.

I've watched just over half of season one and I am mightily impressed.
Not the least by the fact that in terms of swearing, sex scenes, nudity and violence, this show makes The Sopranos look like Sesame Street.

And just because I like being circular...
Dexter Fletcher who played Spike in Press Gang starred in a movie called Deadwood.
The interesting thing about that movie is that every single frame of film that was shot has been lost.
How weird is that?
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