Jacob (yak_boy) wrote,

I got tagged for this

It's a meme where you list 7 songs you are "into" and tag 7 friends.
I have too many people on my friends list to be even remotely fair, and I think a few of you have already done this...

1. 'Cotton Sheets' by 67Special

You've all read about 67Special here in my journal. This is my favourite track from their debut album.
It's actually more like rocky-blues than bluesy-rock. This song has real soul.

2. 'New Slang' by The Shins

This song is beautiful, and featured in a beautiful film some of you may have seen called Garden State.
Film soundtracks are so often a great way to discover songs you may not have otherwise.

3. 'The Distance' by Cake

Not a new song, and not new to me, but I have been really getting into this one because I have recently joined the gym. Despite the silliness of the lyrics, it's quite motivating when I'm on the treadmill or exercise bike.

4. 'Light & Day' by The Polyphonic Spree

Another one from a soundtrack, this time from Eternal Sunshine. This and 'It's The Sun' from the same band are both gorgeous. I must get more stuff from these guys. The film clip is also rather odd.

5. 'Little Bombs' by Aimee Mann

I don't know why I like "sweet" music so much, but this is it. But not sickly sweet. I guess you'd call it "poignant".

6. 'Queen Bitch' by David Bowie

Another one from a soundtrack, this is from The Life Aquatic. To be fair though, I was a Bowie fan long before I saw this film. Anyway, this track rocks.

7. 'Celebrity Sanctum' by Dogs Die In Hot Cars

A very cool song in which the singer is inviting hot celebrity babes to come home with him. I think it just makes it even cooler that he calls her Angela Jolie instead of Angelina. I thought maybe this might be because they were a band that sing in English instead of their native tongue, and I was more or less right; they're Scottish.
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