Jacob (yak_boy) wrote,

Gee, should I get this game?

To decide which Xbox games I should I acquire and which I should pass up, I usually do a quick Google search to get some reviews.

A search on "Metal Dungeon" gave me these two gems:

Overall, it's an experience that redefines the word 'bland.'

There are plenty of fantastic RPG games available on even 8-bit systems that walk all over the Metal Dungeon.

Hmm... I'm getting the feeling this game isn't worth my time.

Two games I have played recently have been two Simpsons licenses: The Simpsons Road Rage and The Simpsons Hit & Run. Road Rage is a stripped down, but surprisingly fun, rip-off of Crazy Taxi. Hit & Run is also a rip-off of another game, amazingly enough Grand Theft Auto III. Obviously it doesn't have the ultra-violence of the original, but you can drive over people and you can beat them up. Of course, they show no outward signs of violence and just get back up again (well, it is a cartoon). However, the cops do eventually show up and chase you down, then fine you 50 bucks. If your car blows up you always seem to jump out just in time. Nevertheless, it is a surprisingly good game full of plenty of genuine Simpsons humour and fun and challenging missions.

Both games are certainly a lot better than Bart's Nightmare on the ol' SNES.
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