Jacob (yak_boy) wrote,

iTunes Music Store

So, the iTunes music store has finally opened in Australia.
Am I meant to be jumping for joy?

Can someone please tell me why I would pay $16.99 to download albums that I could get in the store for $20 (sometimes even less) and have a physical copy as well as an iTunes copy?

Here's a great example of the "value" you can get at iTunes; the most recent album I bought at JB-HiFi, Spiderbait's Greatest Hits.

$16.99 is admittedly $3 less than I paid at JB, however, as well as getting an actual CD, I also got a bonus Greatest Hits DVD for my $20.

Or, how about this example? 67Special's debut EP Hey There Bomb. Store price $5, iTunes price $8.99.

Sure, not everything is going to be that out of whack, but frankly, the way I see it I have three options for music:

Physical CD averaging around $20.
iTunes download averaging $16.99.
Illegal download for free.

I just don't see iTunes as being a good compromise between options 1 and 3. It's too expensive to dissuade me from illegal downloads and there's simply not enough discount to warrant me missing out on the physical product.

Assuming you are one of those people who doesn't partake of illegal downloading, surely you would rather pay $3 to have the original, physical CD.
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