Jacob (yak_boy) wrote,

Fear mongering for profit.

I just flicked on Good Morning Australia, and saw the absolute worst, most unethical infomercial ever.

Basically the infomercial talked all about the possibility of the Bird Flu PandemicTM, and how their product will be vital in the case of such a pandemic. They even went so far as to say that because of this (non-existent) pandemic, supplies of their product are low (yeah, right) and only available to GMA viewers (or anyone else who visits their website).

The ad was for the Freychinet, a home air cleaner that uses Ozone to kill viruses, bacteria and fungi.

Okay, I'm willing to believe that the product works as advertised, however even if it does that is not going to stop anyone from catching bird flu, or any other virus for that matter.

The product may clear a room of viruses, but people don't get viruses from rooms, they get them from other people. And considering it is unsafe to be in the room while the unit is running, it is only good for sanitising a room after the fact. You aren't going to get flu of any kind from simply being in a building, you are going to get it from face-to-face contact with others. This unit is useless at protecting you from the scary pandemic.

So, the use of "bird flu" to try and scare people into buying this unit is misleading scaremongering, and I will be contacting the ACCC.

I'm also intrigued by the complete lack of any references to bird flu on their website...
Tags: rant, skepticism
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