Jacob (yak_boy) wrote,

So I got an email

and every email I get at the moment is greeted with the increasingly frustrated hope that it might be the confirmation that my ADSL2+ (up to 24,000 kbps!) connection is ready to be processed. Alas, I am again dissappointed to find it is not. I really hope they get a wriggle on, as I am edging ever closer to my monthly billing date for my current ADSL connection.

Even more annoying, is that the email I just received has no actual content, other than an annoying insistence that I update my livejournal. That's right, someone used the "nudge" feature on me. This is a feature with a lot of downsides, and very few upsides.

To me personally, it isn't so bad, and actually served as an okay little reminder that I hadn't updated in more than a week. However, it's usefulness is severely limited and, as I say, it has a lot of drawbacks:

It's impersonal

Gee, thanks, you sent me an automatically generated form-letter when you could have emailed, lj-commented or, jeez, telephoned me.

It is (or can be construed as) rude

And not just rude, but whiney. Entertaaaain meeeee. As if I don't have a life outside of LJ (it so happens that I don't, but that's beside the point).

It's intrusive and could be an invasion of privacy

As far as I can figure, people who don't even receive their comments and replies as emails will get nudges in their inbox. There might be a good reason why you don't want to get emails from LJ.

It's spam

Unsolicited email asking you to participate in an online service. That's spam in my book.

It's easily abused

Whilst, granted, the nudge feature only applies to mutual friends; people have some sick, sad friends sometimes. Hopefully LJ had the forethought to limit the frequency with which you can nudge any particular user.

EDIT: It has been confirmed that you can, in fact, continually nudge someone until they make a post. Oh joy, limitless spam from your fuckwitted friends.

It's difficult to opt-out of

The opt-out option is done via an admin console command, not exactly user friendly. Not to mention the fact that the nudge feature was implemented before the option to opt-out was (at last check it still hadn't been implemented). Way to go LJ, introduce an intrusive feature without giving people a chance to opt-out of it. Like I said: spam.

It can serve as an unexpected reminder of grief

As someone, in some comment somewhere, pointed out: the nudge page conveniently sorts the deceased to the top of the list (or at least will, eventually). Not something that applies to me at this point (touch wood veneer) but something that might come as a bit of a nasty shock to some people checking out this "feature" for the first time.
Tags: internet, livejournal, rant
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