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At a New Years Eve party, I mentioned to someone that I thought Franz Ferdinand's second album was a dissappointment. Now, this guy is a bit of a music snob, and his reaction to that was quite memorable. "You obviously haven't listened to it enough".

Funnily enough, I've heard it said a few times now that their second album, You Could Have It So Much Better, needs repeat listening before it grows on you. To me, this just means "it's crap, but you'll get used to it".

I have now had repeat listenings and I can categorically state that I am convinced that it is massively inferior to their eponymous debut album. All of the songs on the second album sound pretty much the same, that is a fairly generic 'Franz Ferdinand' sound, but it's Franz Ferdinand at their flattest. Their first album just plain rocks. Their second ambles along. The only real positive I can make is that the lyrics are kind of cool, but that hardly cuts it.

I have to say that, as is often the case, it is a dissappointing follow-up to an astonishing debut.
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