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All hail the great Dean Cain!

For those of you interested in such things, I am no longer playing World of Warcraft on the Dragonblight server. I have moved over to the Earthen Ring (RP) server in order to join my bretheren in honoring the great Dean Cain in the Legion of Cain guild (Horde, naturally).

Please feel free to join me (although the server is "Full", but which server that's worth joining isn't?). You'll be more than welcome in the guild (don't worry, nothing much is expected of you, other than hailing the great Dean Cain), and if you want to know more, visit the ExtraLife Forums.

My character is an Undead Warrior named Grigio. He could also use some low-level company, as he is currently level 11.

I would also like to recommend the ExtraLife comic (a video-gaming oriented comic, updated I think three times a week), the ExtraLife Radio podcast (funny show hosted by the author of said comic where geeks chat about all things geek) and The Instance podcast (two of the guys from ExtraLife radio chat about all things WoW).
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