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I watch a lot of television for someone that watches very little television

I have now seen all of Lost that has screened in the US, which means I am about 9 episodes ahead of anyone watching on spammy Channel 7. Those of you doing that will be interested to know the following reasons why Channel 7 sucks:

  • No Lost this week.

  • Next week's episode is a "recap" episode, so there's pretty much no Lost next week.

  • The episode that screened last week screened in the US in November (although the next new episode screened in the US in January, so that's slightly less sucky).

Obviously, the US network showed the recap episode as well, but from what I gather they were shown on the same night as the new episode, rather than instead of it.

Anyway, this show rocks so much. The writers are doing an amazing job of keeping enough secrets so that you never really know what's going on, but keeping the revelations flowing, so it stays interesting, and doesn't get frustrating.

Now I'll just have to see how I cope with being forced to wait at least a week between episodes. They really do have some real doozies of cliffhangers. Of course, this show has cliffhangers that leave you hanging for weeks at a time...

Also, now that I'm no longer quite so terrified of spoilers, I had a look around online and discovered that there are heaps of hidden clues, and tiny little details hidden throughout the show. For instance, in the very first episode, if you look carefully, you can see that the reason the engine blows up appears to be because it is hit by some kind of fast moving dark cloud; rather than because the man is sucked into it.

I am looking for a decent guide to these kinds of hidden secrets, and am tempted to go back and watch all the episodes again, with such a guide in hand.

In the meantime, I have started watching Little Britain. So far, it is as hilarious as I had been told it is.
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