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01. Leave me a comment saying, "Interview me."
02. I will respond by asking you five questions of a somewhat questionable nature.
03. Update your LJ with the answers to the questions.
04. Include this explanation and an offer to interview someone else in the post.
05. When others comment asking to be interviewed, you will ask them five questions.

If you'd like to be interviewed but don't want to post this in your own LJ, you can always answer in another comment. Take that, meme!

Interview from fin

1. Do you think the Wii will be able to reclaim Nintendo's place as the supreme gaming console?

I think Nintendo has, for better or worse, carved itself a fairly unique niche in the video games market. The way I see it, the Gamecube never really competed head on with the PS2/Xbox in the same way that the Wii won't really be competing head on with the PS3/Xbox 360.

Basically, those two new generation consoles are pushing graphics in a direction they've been headed for a while - deeper into the territory of photo-realism. On the other hand, Nintendo has never really ventured that far into that photo-realistic world - certainly not with first-party titles. So, Nintendo is not going to be about satisfying gamer's craving for super-duper new generation graphics. And, I appreciate that that is the kind of gaming experience that a lot of the gaming community is looking for.

What Nintendo does well is create a system that represents are more "silly" sort of fun (many would call it "kiddy", but I disagree). Nintendo games mean cartoony graphics, party-style multiplayer and wacky fantasy settings. Nintendo is stacks of fun, and the innovations of the Wii will hopefully draw a lot more people to it.

Another thing that is in Nintendo's favour is price. Because they aren't going for photo-realism, Nintendo can bring out a new console with much lower technical specs than its rivals, and yet still create cool looking graphics. This means that they can sell the console for much less than a PS3 or Xbox 360. I'll be expecting the PS3 to launch at maybe around $700, with a Wii at around $300. That means a couple of things: Firstly, some people (particularly parents buying a console for their kids for Christmas) will be swayed to buy the Wii by price alone. Secondly, it is cheap enough (and different enough) that many gamers who do buy a PS3 or 360 will buy a Wii for a second console.

So, I guess I'll be surprised if the Wii becomes the number one console of the new generation, but I'm convinced it will sell really well. And, another thing to remember is that we see the console wars from a Western context. In Japan it's a whole different story, and Nintendo is going to kill them over there.

2. Snakes on a Plane - do you have high hopes for this film?

This is easily the greatest example of unintentional viral marketing. I mean, the film has received so much unanticipated attention that they did a 5-day reshoot to bring the movie more in line with what people have built it up to be. I expect it to be just as it sounds, a big ball o' cheese. Can't wait.

3. Was there a defining moment of clarity when you lost your faith in God, or would you say that you just "grew out of it"?

Definitely gradual, but I wouldn't say I grew out of anything. Instead, I grew in to skepticism. I've long been interested in what I'd call "popular science", that is, science that is presented in an entertaining and accessable manner. Think Dr Karl or even The Curiosity Show (if you remember it). Anyway, my interest in science is really from a humanities point-of-view, if that makes sense. I'm a curious guy, but not very practical, so I never really did science.

So, I read/listen to/watch a lot about science. And a big part of that is that there is a lot of discussion about the evidence-based nature of science. As a thinking person, it just gradually become clearer to me that you need a reason to believe in something, beyond that someone just told you it was so. The natural extension of that is that I found myself coming to accept that the only reason I ever had to believe in God was that I was taught, from an early age, that such an entity exists. Realising, finally, that that is no good reason to believe such a thing, and being unable to find any other reason to believe, I was able to let go of the belief.

4. What is your favorite memory from a FOUL / CHAS event?

Isn't that one of those things where if you remember it, you weren't there?

Anyway, it was probably the camp that was held at that Scout place; where the Bible, the Australian flag and the peace were all befouled. That's the one that really epitomises the whole experience for me, without too many negatives. I mean, there were negatives for other people (broken bones, financial losses and generally dealing with shit), but for me it was: booze, nitrous and general wildness on the first night and a quiet beer over a game of Chopoly on the second night. That was a great weekend for me.

5. If somebody, who had sufficient experience and knowledge in the field, and whose opinion you respected, told you that your writing was inferior, and that you'd never make it as a writer, would you consider pursuing a career in another field, and only write as a recreational pastime, or would you persist anyway, because it's what you're passionate about?

Actually, I have more of the opposite problem. People with lots of experience and knowledge in the field, people who I respect greatly, and respect their opinions have told me that my writing is good, and that I have what it takes to make it as a writer. Yet, I find myself not doing much writing. It is a lull that I am trying to break myself out of, however, and I'm working on some new ideas, and trying to motivate myself to get working on some new projects.

To actually answer the question, if someone did tell me that I couldn't cut it, I think I would still try to press on with it. I guess, at this point, I have demonstrated to myself that I have what it takes, and that's really the one person you need to convince.

P.S. I swear that I didn't rig the "now playing", I seriously have iTunes on shuffle.
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