Jacob (yak_boy) wrote,

Some thoughts

Signs of the impending Apocalypse: chocolate-scented garbage bags (I swear I am not making this up).

Why is it that whenever the police are directing traffic, they tell the traffic to do whatever the traffic lights were telling them to do anyway? The other day, I counted at least a dozen police at one intersection - a bunch on each corner and a couple in the intersection itself directing traffic in time with the lights. What the hell are we paying these jokers for?

Am I the only one annoyed that the Dictionary.com Word of the Day feed almost never showcases a word I didn't already know the meaning of?

I think the whole bukkake movement has a lot to answer for. I mean, hardcore porn always had "the money shot", but now every single time it is always in the woman's face. It's not something I'd ever do, and not something I really enjoy watching. I never really was a big fan of "the money shot" to begin with, but now it's so much worse. Damned kinky Japanese.
Tags: rant, words
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