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Editing Test

Well I just had an editing test.
It began at about 5:45-5:50 or so, and I was finished before 6:30.
"Some kind of record?" Greg asks. (Greg's the teacher BTW)
I can't fucking help it if I found the test easy.
And I won't apologise to those who found it hard.
We ostensibly had until 8:00, or at least until the break at 7:30.
As it was I sat there doing nothing for a couple of minutes, deciding what I should do, simply because I expected the response I got.
Just another example of intelligence being viewed as some kind of freakishness.
Yes, I'm smart.
Fucking deal with it.

That said, maybe I flunked the test.
But I seriously fucking doubt it.

Discounting the class that I stopped going to because it was FUCKING BORING, last semester I averaged an HD.
If that sounds like bragging, it fucking is.
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