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Dawn of the Dead

Just finished watching Dawn of the Dead.
Not nearly as good as Night of the Living Dead, but still quite enjoyable.
Apart from the very poor zombie make-up (read: blue paint), and the plot-holes you could drive a truck through, it wa quite an enjoyable watch.

If zombies are strong enough to rip through living skin with teeth, and even bare hands, why can you just push them over?
Why does zombie behaviour seem to oscillate between heading directly for the nearest human flesh and trying to emulate behaviour from when they were living? Sometimes even when a living human was nearby you see zombies fiddling with telephones or whatever.
If the zombies are able to walk around because they are fueled by eating human flesh (as is postulated by a scientist in the film) why don't they eventually stop walking? These zombies spend most of their time not eating, yet seem to potter around 24/7. These zombies are perpetual motion machines!
But the biggest bugbear for me was the "professional army" at the end. How is it that these guys who are so obviously stupid and reckless have managed to survive so long? Especially the ones that leap into the fray armed with nothing more than a mallet or a sword. Surely they would have encountered battles like this before, if they had been travelling the country-side looting indiscriminately, so why did they lose so many people in this battle and not before?
Anyway, it really was a pretty cool movie, but it just didn't have the same intensity, nor the brilliant ending of the first installment. I'll have to go get Day of the Dead now.
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