July 7th, 2003


First Post

Well I'm starting this journal here. I don't know if I'll have many people reading it, but I'm starting off with two people on my friends list.

I'm not entirely sure what my plans are for this journal, it's probably not going to be a day-to-day diary of my life, 'though it may degenerate into that. I think it's just somewhere that I can ramble on without someone telling me to shut up, or getting that dreamy, far-off look that means they stopped listening ten minutes ago. So, if you're not interested you can just skip it. (I said "ramble on" and I'm listening to the Zepp, hah).

So, I'm engaged. I don't think much has really changed, I guess it's really an affirmation of my relationship with Emily as it was before, but now everyone else is in on it. I hope I didn't fuck up that HTML, but if I did, you get what I mean.

Anyway, I don't think I've told anyone who hasn't said "congratulations". Guess it's the default response, and nobody is really likely to say, "bad luck dude" or at least not with Emily around. Although she wasn't here when I told Luke. (Over the phone).

It's funny, when I said to Mum "I have some news" she thought I was going to tell her that Emily was pregnant, then she was somewhat surprised when I told her we were engaged. She said it's always a surprise these days, when someone gets engaged, because so many people don't get married.

Before you ask, no ring yet.

No date set either, probably in a couple of years.

Which brings about the strange scenario of having a longer engagement than the time spent as boyfriend/girlfriend, but we're both comfortable with that.

It's funny with this journal writing style, I feel as though I'm writing to a particular person, but I'm just not entirely sure who that person is. I mean, I know that Luke will probably read it, and maybe Duane and who knows who else, but I don't feel I'm writing to them. I kind of understand the "Dear Diary" thing now.

Anyway, that's enough for one post. I'll probably come back later...


I reloaded the "Modify Journal" Page and now all the different options for how the journal can look seem to be gone, and I'm only left with the emoticon menu. Where'd it go?

Why can't I see a link to comment on the journal entries in my journal? Is it because commenting in your own journal is pretty stupid?

How do I work this thing?
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Make notes

Ah, the "make notes" link is for comments.
What a stupid way to say "Comment of this Post"!
How do I change it?
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Some problems solved, others not

Okay, so I figured out the customisation problems.

Now, what I want to know is:

How do I get Opera to automatically reload mine and other's journal pages (you know so I actually see the new postings) and how do I get it to load the background picture (the notepad) consistently?

When I hit reload it usually reloads only the text and doesn't load the images until I hit reload a second time.
This is time consuming, especially since I'm on dial-up!!

Help me Obi Wan Kenobi, you're my only hope.

"I said be careful, his bow-tie is really a camera"

I wonder about the future of the industry I'm hoping to become a part of.
I mean, I don't really believe that people will stop buying and reading books in the printed, bound paper format, but in this electronic age I guess I have to be aware of the different directions publishing may take.
Perhaps it may even be beneficial (either artistically or financially) to look towards electronic means of publication.
If you could distribute a novel at almost no cost to yourself what is a fair price to charge for it?
One dollar? Ten dollars? I'm not even sure what an author gets per copy for an ordinary print version these days.
I probably should find out, but I don't think it's much.
Even if it's only 10c per copy, if I can write a best seller that's still a lot of cash.
Not that it's really about the money, but I want to be able to write professionally. It's hard to write novels when you're working nine-to-five.

I should get Luke to take a photo of me to use on my posts.

I should make myself some kind of dinner.
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