July 18th, 2003


It's just not cricket

Watching the Australian Cricket Team annihilate Bangladesh.
All out for 97 in a Test Match...
Australia currently 1/31

I've been talking to parakleta about religion, and it's an interesting way to get a perspective on your own beliefs, to bounce them off someone who doesn't share them. As long as that person isn't a complete butthole that tells you what you should believe and doesn't let you explain your own views.

I'm pretty comfortable with my Christianity, but I don't really believe in organised religion.
I hardly ever go to church and I'm comfortable with that.

I really just believe that we should love each other.

That means never intentionally harming another human being.
So killing is right out!

The only time I would consider it okay to kill another person would be to stop them harming someone else, a third party.

I would allow someone else to kill me before I would kill them.

Then there is the What's-Her-Name Choice dilemma.

Some evil Nazi-type guys have captured you and two people that you love dearly.
They offer you a choice.
They are going to kill one of your loved-ones.
Your choice which one.
If you refuse to choose they will kill both.

Assuming you are powerless to stop them:

Which do you choose?

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I still think the solar eclipse is proof of the existance of God.