August 25th, 2003


New Title and Pictures

I am now (for 2 months at least) a paid user.

In honour of this splurge I have retitled my page and made a whole buncha new icons with a theme... a theme I tells you!

I need to get my hands on a digital camera so I can upload a decent, recent picture of my own fine self. My mother has one, but I don't have the requisite watchacallit port on my computer and she doesn't even have a computer. You read right, she has a digital camera but no computer...
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I'll jump on the bandwagon and post some song lyrics.
This here ia a beautiful and sad song by Aimee Mann:

Just Like Anyone

So maybe I wasn't
that good a friend
but you were one of us
and I will wonder
just like anyone
if there was something
else I could've done

So maybe it's true that
your cry for help
was oh, so very faint
but still I heard
and knew something was wrong
just nothing you could
put your finger on
and I will wonder
just like anyone
just like anyone
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