August 26th, 2003


Skool Daze

Well, scavhunt seems to be getting off to an okay start. But if my friends won't play ball who will. I mean what's the story with posting comments but not pictures? You know who you are.

Gave a talk today in class, comparing my own novel to Flying Dutch by Tom Holt. Went poorly, I ran out of things to say and waffled off crap. Hopefully teacher likes crap. Mmmm... crap. The more talks I do the more I'm convinced they are just designed to fill in time and to provide an assessable task. I mean seriously, who gained any useful information? I'd be fucking flabbergasted if anyone there today went out and read a Tom Holt book. Whatever.
Tomorrow's talk (yes, another one tomorrow) seems a little more useful, supposedly training us to sell our film ideas. But seeing as we haven't been taught any more about how to do this it just seems that we're being assessed in semester two on what we learnt in semester one. Lazy teaching? I suppose it could be said that it's to check that our writing (screenplays) is progressing. Anyway, I have a nice colour piccy to put up on the screen, so I'm sure that'll impress the pants off teacher and I'll get an HD++.

Here's the piccy. A mock movie poster type thing. Horribly plagiarised naturally.

I suppose I should work on my synopsis now.
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Monkey Hamster!

Amber sent a little magazine over from Japan, and it's the cutest thing I've ever seen.
It's Monkey retold with hamsters!!

Monkey, Pigsy and Sandy are Hamsters clutching little weapons (staff, pitchfork and that half-moon thingy) and Tripitaka is a puppy in a little hat and robe. They are photographed in tiny little sets and are overlaid with speech bubbles. I read it all the way through and I didn't understand a word, but the photos are fantastic. You should see monkey-hamster enclosed in the "boulder" with just his little hamster nose poking through!!

Too Cute!!!
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