August 31st, 2003



I was wrong.
I have been convinced that in the event of an attack (unsure of how likely or unlikely this is, but am willing to admit it happens TOO DAMN OFTEN) a woman is probably better off defending herself with a pointy object (read weapon).
Guns are bad, but luckily not readily available anyway.
Sorry if I caused offence, I really didn't mean to.

Thankyou to helen_katerina for a reasoned argument in favour of weaponry.

Here's hoping that our politicians one day take real steps towards dealing with the problem of violence toward women.
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This is the Primary School I attended:

Not a bad school, but whoever thought loading pre-teens up with religious dogma was a good idea was not so much interested in education as brainwashing.
Of course I've had a good rinse since then, and whilst still considering myself Christian I am vehemently NOT Catholic.

Surprised the old adventure playground hasn't fallen over.

From the vision statement:
"St. John Bosco's, as a Catholic School, is a place of learning, which is committed to the fostering and developing of children's faith in Christ and His Church.We endeavour to do this by providing and maintaining a Christ centred curriculum, the example of the staff, and the importance of the welfare of the individual within the school community."

Christ centred curriculum?

Wouldn't you rather your 5-12 year olds were taught reading, writing and arithmetic?

And I call myself a Christian!
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Blender of Doom!

I was just examining the blender and found some interesting design features.
It has a "safety mechanism" so that if the main body of the blender is removed you cannot turn on the drive mechanism, preventing injury by stopping you touching the rapidly rotating, yet blunt and rubbery mechanism.
However, if you attach the main body of the blender, the bit with the sharp knives, you can turn on the blender without the lid being attached. It is extremely easy to switch on the blender and then put your hand in and touch the blades while they are spinning.
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