September 5th, 2003


New Skin

It's kinda creepy looking at myself.
At least I'm smiling.
I guess you'd only really know what I'm talking about if you have a picture of yourself for your default icon...
I do like the new skin though.
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...and it taste just like Cherry Cola, C-O-L-A Cola

So I finally got some Cherry Coke, now that it's hit Australian supermarkets.
I have two 1.25l bottles in the fridge.
But Australian Cherry Coke tastes different to the American version.
Perhaps spurred by Dr Pepper's Australian failure, Coke seems to have toned down the Cherry flavour.
It is nowhere near as sweet or chemical-tasting as the US version.
I love the artificial chemical kapow of American Cherry Coke, but this new version has its merits too.
Much more drinkable really, it's just like Coke with a hint of Cherry.
It'll certainly sell better than the original recipe would have (in this country at least).
In fact I suspect it'll sell very well, like Vanilla Coke, which has been a big success.
I'll still have to buy the imported stuff from time-to-time.
I just hope that the shop I normally buy it from keeps stocking it, now that there's an Australian version...
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