September 7th, 2003



An awesome, funny and original take on the zombie genre!
Great special effects, this didn't have the cheesy low-budget feel of Bad Taste, but had the mark of a truly independent picture. Plenty of swearing, plenty of gore, plenty of laughs.
Very Australian.
If you're shying away from this because you think it might be scary, believe me when I say that it's too damn funny to be scary.
Fucking awesome!
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Yak Boy Trading Card

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Date Created:2003-07-06
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Yak Boy is a superhero, but instead of fighting crime he fights ignorance. He looks the bees-knees in his blue leotard, red cape ensemble. He's ready to rescue you from yourself.
Strengths: Yak Boy is so smart it hurts. He has the wit of Oscar Wilde, or the Comic-store Guy, okay of Pee Wee Herman. He has an uncanny recall of useless trivia.
Weaknesses: Perfectionist. Workaholic. Smarmy git.
Special Skills: Ability to spot a tiny logical flaw from across the metropolis. Prepared to nit-pick at a moment's notice.
Weapons: Wit, sarcasm and name-calling. (Not necessarily in that order.)
Catch Phrase: I think you'll find you're wrong!

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No chance of an all Victorian Grand Final any more.
At least one interstate team will be in it.
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