September 9th, 2003


Bluffing 1A

I was inspired by kowari's post to describe the best way to cruise through English tutes, or indeed any class where you are meant to have read something, but haven't done the reading.

Do not wait to be asked a question. THIS IS VITAL. If you are asked a direct question about the text, and you don't know the answer, you are discovered, and no amount of lively discussion will rescue you from the tutor's displeasure.
Comment as soon, and as much, as possible. You want to speak so much that the tutor will think it unfair to ask you a question.
Obviously, you won't be able to contribute to the direct discussion of the text, but if you are vigilant other opportunities to speak will present themselves.
Listen for links, however tenuous, to books you have read. For instance, if someone mentions a character that is treading the line between good and evil, relate that to Snape or Gollum. If someone mentions the symbolism of an elevator, mention Roald Dahl.
If a question is asked relating the book to your own life, jump on it. I'm talking about questions like, "Do you know anyone like Gretal?" You can enthusiastically say that yes, your aunt Mavis is just like Gretal, and leave it at that. Who are they to pry?

Believe me, I have survived many a session when I haven't done homework or read the required text, just by ad-libbing and talking a lot. If you sit quietly in the back corner you're screwed.
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