September 10th, 2003


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Watched The Man Who Wasn't There last night.
It was excellent, the b&w cinematography was fantastic.
It really used the elements of noir to great effect, with wonderful use of shadows.
The voice-over was used to excellent effect, with the irony of a man who doesn't talk much narrating the entire film.
Really great stuff.

I have now seen every Coen brothers film except their first, Blood Simple, but I hired that out as well and I will soon be up-to-date on the greatest film-makers of all time. Dispute me. Go on, I dares ya'.
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Editing Test

Well I just had an editing test.
It began at about 5:45-5:50 or so, and I was finished before 6:30.
"Some kind of record?" Greg asks. (Greg's the teacher BTW)
I can't fucking help it if I found the test easy.
And I won't apologise to those who found it hard.
We ostensibly had until 8:00, or at least until the break at 7:30.
As it was I sat there doing nothing for a couple of minutes, deciding what I should do, simply because I expected the response I got.
Just another example of intelligence being viewed as some kind of freakishness.
Yes, I'm smart.
Fucking deal with it.

That said, maybe I flunked the test.
But I seriously fucking doubt it.

Discounting the class that I stopped going to because it was FUCKING BORING, last semester I averaged an HD.
If that sounds like bragging, it fucking is.
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Editing Rant Continued

From what Greg said after I came back to class, it turns out he thought I finished early because I had just skimmed through and not done the test properly.
Short fucking memory, in that case.
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Dawn of the Dead

Just finished watching Dawn of the Dead.
Not nearly as good as Night of the Living Dead, but still quite enjoyable.
Apart from the very poor zombie make-up (read: blue paint), and the plot-holes you could drive a truck through, it wa quite an enjoyable watch.

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