October 5th, 2003


You get back what you put in

I worry about what people I have never met think of me, judging from my online persona.

I find myself in some storm-in-a-teacup argument and wonder if the other person thinks I'm a real jerk.
They probably do, but why am I in the argument in the first place?
Because I voiced an opinion, they disagreed, I disagreed back-- that's an argument right?
There's nothing wrong with a good argument, some people pay to have them, but why take things personally?

I feel that livejournal is like a big mirror, what people say to each other is a reflection of the previous comment.

If you argue with me, I argue back.
If you say "nice icon", I say "nice icon" back (or just "thanks" if your icon has Justin Timberlake on it).
If you ask a stupid question, you get a stupid answer.

Sometimes I'm a little more sarcastic than I should be, but, geez, look at the title of the journal.
Oh, wait, I changed that.

Anyway, I just wish people would keep their sense-of-humour on full alert before they read any comments, rather than their sense-of-moral-objection.
Look for humour first, then look for offense.
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Adopt a Random Friend Meme

Adopt a Random Friend using the Six Degrees of Seperation Method

Choose someone on your friends list, to make it fun choose someone you know in real life (if possible).
They are NUMBER 1. Go to their userinfo page and click on one of their friends, someone you don't know (if this is not possible choose another friend to start with).
This friend-of-a-friend is NUMBER 2. Repeat until you get to NUMBER 6 and add that person to your friends list. Don't give them an explanation, just post the meme on your journal and let them figure it out.

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