October 17th, 2003


Road Trip

Emily and I went on a holiday on Wednesday, and yes that's why I wasn't in class, but believe me we needed to go.
I had my mother's car, so we drove down the Great Ocean Road to Lorne.
We stopped along the way to get a few photos of the fantastic view, and the lighthouse at Airey's Inlet.
The weather was actually pretty good, with only patchy rain on the drive, no rain when we went to look at Erskine Falls, and a storm as Emily napped (I watched the storm from the motel-room balcony) which cleared up in time for us to go out and get fish and chips and booze.
On thursday after checking out we drove back along the Great Ocean Road, stopping in Geelong for lunch, then we went to Werribee zoo.

With our 'Friends of the Zoo' memberships it was half-price entry, but it was worth it, and the weather was perfect, not too hot, not too cold.
What can I say about Werribee zoo? It is awesome and worth selling your only child to go there.
In fact do that, because I know I don't like having my zoo visit sullied by *shudder* children.
The bus that you tour the zoo in is this amazing high-tech thing with folding doors, and you feel like you're in Jurassic park.
Our tour leader, Heath, was excellent, giving interesting commentary and passing around various specimens, antlers, ostrich eggs, bison fur.
But, of course the stars of the show are the animals, and with this being spring there were little baby animals too (but for some reason they don't squeal and throw tantrums).
Zebras, giraffes, hippos, rhinos, antelope, bison, ostritches, camels... etc. Fantastic!

That's like the only way in which I envy where ayvah lives, that he's close to Werribee zoo.
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I have room for only three more interests on my user info page, so I have decided to hold a little competition.

I will award gold, silver and bronze to the three best interests that people can come up with for me to place on my user info page.
I will give you until Hallowe'en (Friday 31st of October) at 17:00 (5pm) Australian Eastern Standard Time (or Daylight Savings Time, but I can't work out when this begins).

There are no specific criteria by which I will be judging, just on the three I deem best, or I most want to add to my list.

Be creative.
And remember, one of my favourite pastimes is laughing.
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