November 13th, 2003


Movie Night - Vote For What YOU Want To Watch!!!

I've decided to have a movie night, some time in the coming weeks/months/whenever.
But here's the twist:
YOU choose the movies.

I have placed every movie currently in my collection (all 110 of them (a woefully inadequate collection, I know)) into a tournament.
They have been randomly placed into five different pools.

Each round I will ask you to vote for one film in each pair, and the loser will be eliminated.

The final remaining film in each of the five pools will go onto the playlist for the upcoming movie night.
Thus, we will be watching five movies.

Voting will be closed at an arbitrary time after it is opened each round - but a minimum of 24 hours and 5 votes will pass before voting is closed.

The progress of the tournament can be followed here.

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