November 18th, 2003


End of Year Thingy

The Professional Writing and Editing "End of Year Thingy" was aptly named, considering the Commercial Hotel was decked out in penises. An art exhibition, apparently.

The less said about the competitions the better.
However, Doris' poetry recital was the undisputable highlight of the night. Dirty old woman!

lukeii has a new community, battlepoll, which is perfect for fans of my Movie Night Poll.
Currently he's running a poll to determine the favourite movie of all time amongst livejournal users.
Maybe when that's finished he'll run a poll to determine the favourite celebrity breasts of livejournal users.

Anyway, enough procrastination.
It's time for my poll to continue to the next phase.
This is the final post for Round One. After this I'm putting the pools together and there will only be four more polls!
I will allow at least 24 hours and 5 votes to pass before I tally up the votes from Round One, but once they've been tallied it's over and time for Round Two. So you may only have 24 hours left to fill in all 5 polls (if you haven't filled in the earlier ones).
Since I haven't voted in the polls - any draws will be arbitrarily be decided by me! Every vote counts, people - and I'm not charging 55c like a certain Idle show.
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