November 21st, 2003


Frawd Der

We got Red Dwarf III on DVD yesterday. The special features disc has the episode 'Backwards' played in its entirety in reverse. The actors really do sound like they are talking Bulgarian. It's interesting to note where the film was really put into reverse and where the actors are just talking gibberish to sound like they are talking backwards. It's also interesting to see how well the subtitles/Kryten's translations match what is actually said. Some of you may already be aware of one particular scene in which what is actually spoken is quite different to the translation.

Maybe for the next movie night poll I'll pit the TV series head-to-head, and we can spend the night watching Blackadder or Buffy or Red Dwarf or Futurama or The Sopranos...

Anyway, I have tallied the votes, put in my 2c where needed and the results for Round Two are now up.
On with the show!
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