December 13th, 2003


Invite Codes & Movie Night

So, Invite Codes are no more.

Is anyone else amused that this has also meant the demise of countless code-sharing communities?

Last night's movie night didn't go exactly to plan.
Only lukeii,last_reprise, lady___lazarus and sinisterglint showed up.
And they all piked after only watching sinisterglint's film Making Collossus and The Big Lebowski.

So, I guess The Big Lebowski is the overall winner of the movie night poll by default.

(no subject)

So, my aunty has leukemia.

How am I meant to feel about news like that?
I'm just glad that I spoke to my mother this morning or I might have found out via lukeii's livejournal.

My prayers go out to Carmel and Doug and family, and to Nanna who must be taking this rough.