December 15th, 2003


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You are...

Sorry, but there it is. You may have made an
effort, or you may seriously not care less, but
the fact is that you don't know your Sindarin
from your Quenya, or your Bracegirdles from
your Brandybucks. Never mind, just sit back,
eat your popcorn chicken and watch the pretty
movies - I promise there'll be explosions in
the next one.

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Fair enough, apart from the explosions bit.
I'd just like to ask why Tom Bombadil was listed as a major character, but Gollum wasn't.
Let's think about that - Tom Bombadil, who was in the book for about one chapter and played such a minor role that he was able to be left out of the movie altogether without much alteration of the plot, is a major character; yet Gollum, who was responsible for starting the adventure in the first place, is in the story for two whole books at least and Collapse ) is not a major character.

I'm just bitter because I couldn't pick him as my favourite character.

Mr & Mrs Nicholas Cotsell

The big day has finally been and gone.

My best friend is now a married man.

It was fantastic.

I've been to a couple of weddings before, but none has touched me more than this one.
It may have been that I was the best man.
It may have been that Nick cried so much during the vows that he could barely speak. Tears of joy, I'm sure.
It may have been the enormous smile that Kim had on her face.
It may have been the beer.

What a perfect day.

The photographer was fantastic.
Helen (the priest)'s service was wonderful.
The aquarium was an amazing reception venue (great view over the Yarra, great fish to look at, great fish to eat).

I'm about to run out of superlatives.

I'm just so happy for them.