December 2nd, 2004


Icon meme reloaded

I'm changing the rules because I have a lot of spare time on my hands and I like making icons.

I'm now going to make interest icons for people on my friends list that haven't asked for them.
You don't have to use them if you don't want to, this is more for my fun than anyone else's.

Those that don't have any interests listed, will get an icon based on what I know about them.

For now I'll just stick to those that I know personally, but anyone else who wants an icon can feel free to ask.

Lyrics meme reloaded

I'm now revealing the ones that have been guessed, because no-one else has taken a stab since I posted this.
Most have been guessed correctly, but feel free to try and guess the ones that are left.

The album that all these songs appear on was guessed correctly by lukeii, and it is the mixed CD that I have made for last_reprise's BBQ.
When is that going to be, by the way? Bearing in mind that I'll be away the first week of the year.

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