April 22nd, 2007


Vote Green

My Oz Politics results

I'm proud to say I'm left-wing in everything except "Traditional Values", in which I am far left.

I mean, if a guy loves another guy, I don't see how that's any less sacred than if a guy loves a chick.
And, hell, I'm certainly not one to tell you where you can and can't stick your private parts (and the government even less so).

Perhaps more controversially, I see (early term) abortion as simply a better-late-than-never contraceptive.
It's a tiny cluster of cells, people, get the fuck over it.

IMDB Plot Keywords Meme

Here's a fun one that's been floating around the place.
Choose ten movies and list three plot keywords from IMDB.
Players then try to guess the movies.

1. Altering History / Self Surgery / Waitress

2. Origin Story / On The Road / Multiple Cameos

3. Prison / Severed Ear / Shotgun

4. Divine Intervention / Quiz Show / Multiple Story Line

5. Frozen River / Dyed Hair / Caught Masturbating

6. Coconut / Funny Accent / Rabbit

7. Time Travel / Child Pornography / Imaginary Friend

8. Thrown Through Window / Trapdoor / Llama

9. Pedophile / Paraplegic / Nihilism

10. London England / Desert Eagle / Fake Gun

EDIT: I realised #2 is a little tough, so for clarification "Origin Story" means it's the story of the origin of a particular group. For example, the movie Backbeat would be the "Origin Story" of The Beatles.