February 22nd, 2008


My random thoughts of the day

  • 02:02 @insomnius Oh, why don't you just marry her then!
  • 02:02 I'm usually wary of remakes, but Rob Zombie managed to improve on the original Halloween. Not that it was a hard task.
  • 09:58 I'm thinking of making fresh OJ from the excess oranges in the fridge. But it it worth the mess? And do we even have a juicer?
  • 11:01 Gusset!
  • 12:52 @insomnius You might find you like it
  • 14:10 @lukeii dispatching
  • 14:14 @lukeii Actually it's either, apparently, although dispatch is more common. Apparently despatch is used in NSW, which seems as good a re ...
  • 14:27 @lukeii I don't speak American English or British English, so it's hardly that simple.
  • 15:11 @lukeii It is when what (little) research I've done suggests NSW is the only part of Australia in which 'despatch' is commonly used.
  • 16:19 @ephant Use it for EVIL!
  • 16:22 @ephant They're clogged with porn.
  • 16:26 I cuss, you cuss, we all cuss for asparagus.
  • 17:05 @insomnius Now to get you into a dress. Baby steps.
  • 20:00 Lucien needs assertiveness training.
  • 20:05 @insomnius Gay
  • 22:14 I never realised I was so influential. I started using Twitter, now everyone is doing it. Also, stop using Facebook syntax!
  • 22:14 @insomnius Which bit?
  • 22:49 @insomnius Troughs and plateaux could be a possibility. Quiet Eeyore!
  • 22:57 @insomnius Here's to Everest-style peaks! (Littered with frozen corpses)
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Today's poem was inspired by the news that Paul "Gazza" Gascoigne had been detained under the UK Mental Health Act, following a number of incidents at a hotel in Newcastle, England.

Gascoigne was instrumental in getting Tottenham into the 1991 FA Cup Final, scoring 6 goals in the lead up, including the opening goal in the 3-1 semi-final win against arch-rivals arse***. Unfortunately he missed most of the final, watching Tottenham's extra time win from a hospital bed after injuring his knee (badly enough to miss an entire year's football) early in the match.

It looks like he'll be watching another Tottenham cup win from a hospital bed.
So, get well soon, Gazza.