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28 August 2006 @ 11:57 am
I've had some interesting responses to the cryonics affair.
I guess in the final analysis I have to admit that it has happened before where I have debated an issue that someone takes very seriously, or has an emotional investment in, in a blunt or sarcastic way and thus have caused unintended offence.
I know I can be a little caustic, and sometimes people can laugh along with my sarcasm, but sometimes I can touch a nerve.
I never meant to tread on any dearly held beliefs, and my motivations were never malicious.

There is a lesson to be learned that laying into an issue all guns blazing, without knowing the person you are arguing with all that well, is a dangerous action to take.
I don't know drjon well enough to know how he feels about the topic at hand, and he doesn't know me well enough to know that I'm not just some smartarse trying to stir up drama.

I certainly am not one of those people that revels in this kind of drama.
Frankly, I am embarassed by the whole thing, but I felt I needed to state my piece.
Now all I can do is offer my apologies for any possible hurt feelings, and for superceding drjon's right to call the matter to a close in his own journal.
Hopefully that's the end of it.
siouxsynsiouxsyn on August 29th, 2006 04:44 am (UTC)
A possible explanation
I think you'll find that the post in question was originally meant more lightly than you took it. Dr Jon made no claims as to the integrity of Ugly Dave Gray nor the cryogenics technology. He merely stated a wish to live forever and the fact that almost no chance is higher than none.

Reread your first comment. From that perspective, your post sounds like you are shooting down his right to a dream, both technologically and morally. You may not have meant it, but you've basically told him, in his own space, that his opinion is immoral. You'd have been angry too.

I don't know if DrJon would agree, I'm just stating how it looked to me, not knowing you at all.

Absolutely no offense intended.

One last thing though after reading through again, arguments and debates are great until someone says enough. If someone gets up and leaves the room it's time to stop talking. I learnt this the hard way.
Jacobyak_boy on August 29th, 2006 05:02 am (UTC)
Re: A possible explanation
Look, I agree, someone can say "enough is enough" and I have apologised for saying more after that was said. I was just annoyed at the way in which it was said, which is why I took my ill-advised parting shot.