Jacob (yak_boy) wrote,

Yay for civilisation!

I'm back in Melbourne!

For those of you who didn't miss me, I just spent the week staying in Maldon with my sister.
I've had virtually no internet access all week, and I don't think I can wade back through the whole week's worth of livejournal entries, so if anything important happened to you, or there's anything in particular you want me to read about, let me know.

I feel I should put in my feelings about the death of Steve Irwin. Steve Irwin was a wonderful Aussie icon and a real ambassador for wildlife. It's a shame to see someone go so young, but especially when they have such a passion for such a good cause.

However, all the people I've been seeing on the news weeping and saying that it's like losing a member of their family are total fuckwits. Unless you knew the guy personally it is fucking nothing like losing a member of your family, and maybe you might realise that when you actually have a real personal tragedy.

That's my 2c.
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