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15 November 2006 @ 11:50 pm
Interview meme, comment to be interviewed  
Interview by insomnius

1. How do you feel about no longer having musical taste that is super-compatible with the best musical taste in the world?

The Shins own my brain - next question.

2. When you're asking for these interviews, do you ever hope you don't get asked any particular questions/types of questions?

Anything that lends itself to sexual innuendo. Which is anything really, if I try hard enough. I'd love to check out some of your types of questions, if you know what I mean.

3. Name a hobby you're really really unlikely to take up and then tell me what you like about it.

I'm actually really attracted to the idea of setting up a really detailed model railway set. I love the idea of a little world in miniature, with moving parts (hence the railway). I'd love to make it look like the little town in Beetlejuice.

4. What's the most recent thing that has really surprised you? Pistachios don't count.

This has been answered in a more private medium, because there's no way in hell I'm answering it here.

5. Do you think you see yourself the same way other people see you?

Gosh no. I hate to think what people would think of me if they knew all my secrets. Maybe some people think I am a bad bad man, but I happen to know that that's true.
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Current Music: The Shins - Caring Is Creepy
Jacob: imagineyak_boy on November 21st, 2006 07:30 am (UTC)
1. If you could acquire any one skill you currently don't have, what would it be?

2. John Lennon sang "war is over, if you want it". Do you think it is within the grasp of the current generation of humans to end war? Will war ever be a thing of the past?

3. McHappy Day: important charity event or cynical marketing ploy?

4. What do I have to do to get my own character in The Adventures of Chifley?

5. You have a time machine that can take you as far forward or as far back in time as you like. The catch is it is a single use item, and can't send you back. How far would you be willing to travel, and in which direction?