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Interview by ephant, comment if you want an interview

1. Tell me what it feels like when you write a poem.

The process, for me at least, is pretty cerebral.
I mean, most of my poetry is inspired by emotional stuff, but I think pretty hard about which words to use, and often even use a dictionary or a thesaurus (well, dictionary.com/thesaurus.com, it is the twenty-first century after all).

Sometimes I'll write a poem because I want to write about a specific event or person, but other times I'll just get a phrase or image in my head and will expand from there. I write a lot of stuff that I would never openly talk about, but am very careful about concealing both my true meaning and any personally identifying stuff under layers of metaphor. It sends a shiver down my spine when I think about certain writers/poets who write deeply personal stuff and it's really obvious, if not explicitly stated, who and what they are talking about. Seriously, if I ever get up in front of an audience and say "this is a poem about my ex-girlfriend, Jo" or something, I want to be dragged from the stage.

When it comes to coming up with titles for my poetry, which I almost always do last, I get very wanky and try to use obscure latin phrases and things which I look up online. I worry that this is overly pretentious, then I remind myself that at the very least I don't go by a name like П.O.

2. What do you think of your name? Have you ever wished that you had a different name? How "you" is your name?

I love my name. I used to be a bit funny about being called Jake, but now I actually quite like that name too. I'll always introduce myself as Jacob, but I'm happy to be called Jake; which is lucky, because a lot of people do.

I actually find it quite funny how, after I introduce myself, some people will continue to call me Jacob, but some people immediately switch to Jake, sometimes within mere seconds.

My surname I also think is awesome, largely because I am far more proud of my Irish heritage than even I think I should be.

3. You have a lot of icons. How do you decide which icon to use for a particular post?

Some have specific uses:

This one is for laughing at people.

This one is for posts about music.

This is for when I am, or someone else is, being stupid.

This is my atheist icon.



I was using Blake pictures for my poetry posts, but have since started posting poetry at dulce_et_utile, although it will reach a much narrower audience if I keep that up. Not sure if I care about that or not.

Otherwise, I just make new icons as it takes my fancy, and generally use the newest, unless there's one in particular that is apt.

4. Would you really vote for Batman?

It depends on whether or not I think my vote actually makes a difference. I would never throw away an upper house vote, since every vote really does count there. However, the way our representative democracy works, if you happen to find yourself in a safe seat, chances are that whichever way you vote isn't going to make a lick of difference. If you do a little research before an election, you can find out how marginal your seat is, and if you are in a marginal seat your vote is, in a very real way, worth a whole lot more than the vote of someone in a safe seat.

Anyway, my point is, if I was in a really safe seat, and I was pretty sure my vote had almost no chance of swaying the election's outcome, I'd seriously consider putting Batman on my voting slip. It would, of course, be discarded, hence why I wouldn't do it unless I thought my vote didn't really matter.

5. Don't you wish you lived near Batman station?

The cool name of the station aside, I am really not that keen to live:

A) In North Coburg
B) On the shitty, shitty Upfield line.
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