Jacob (yak_boy) wrote,


So, I was at this really big party with heaps and heaps of people, and lukeii hooked up with some hot blonde chick. I think they had some "private time" while the party was going on, but anyway they come out and announce that they have decided to get married... immediately.

Somehow they manage to get a celebrant to agree to do it, and they are going to have the wedding outside on the road, for some reason. So, all the party guests are lined up on the top of this really really steep hill, looking down on lukeii, this girl and the celebrant far below on the road. I am standing next to Cooroo, and eating fish and chip shop chips out of a cornflakes box. Then lukeii gestures to me.

I get very excited, thinking I'm being asked to do best man, or at least witness, duties. I toss Cooroo the box and go sliding dangerously down the steep hill. I notice Cooroo look distastefully at the cornflakes box, so as I slide I call out telling him that there are hot chips in the box. Cooroo happily starts munching.

I get to the bottom of the hill and, instead of asking me to be part of the wedding, lukeii says, "Can you get some food? The dancing competition is about to begin."
Tags: dream, me
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