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Because it's fun being a hypocritical liar

I just received an email with the following opening sentence:

Hi Jacob -- Thanks for joining MySpace!

I must say that, now I have spent a little more time exploring myspace, I hate it even more than I did before.

What's wrong with myspace:

The layout of the site and most user's pages are horribly, horribly designed.
The colours and other design schemes of most user's pages are retina-destroyingly ugly.
The pages are full of Flash content that forces me to listen to your crap music, watch your crap slideshow and every so often completely crashes my browser.
The search functionality, vital for a social networking site, is b0rked.
The site forces you to sign up to see much of a user's content, making it dreadfully inaccessable.

ETA: Oh, and look at that, my browser just crashed.
EATA: It looks like most of the issues with the searching were because I wasn't yet a member, but I wasn't told this. Instead whenever I tried to do an advanced search I just kept getting thrown back to the myspace homepage. Terrible functionality and accessability.
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